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Why SkyPostal是 Right For Your Amazon Logistics Needs?

SkyPostal是 新标准 speedy and reliable shipping and delivery 进入拉丁美洲.

一个bet36体育投注官网, secure and cost effective parcel delivery service enabling customers to sell abroad without the headaches associated with an international delivery. We handle all issues related to the international import of your customer’s goods so you don’t have to. 在SkyPostal, we have been pioneers in the courier and mail delivery business to Latin America since 1972.

SkyPostal 独立的零售商 服务


SkyPostal takes care of the entire logistics puzzle. From transporting goods to the destination country, to customs clearance and duties, down to the final delivery to your customer. And all of this with economic pricing that gives you not only speedy and reliable delivery, but an excellent overall service experience that shows your customer how much you care about his business.

There’s no reason to spend your valuable time and resources looking 为 delivery options in Latin America when SkyPostal has done all the work 为 you. We’ve created a network of the best customs and delivery providers over our thirty-year history, allowing our clients to rest assured that they have the best logistics service on the market, at prices much cheaper than the large express companies like DHL or Fedex, but the with same or better level of service and even better.

最后, if technology is an issue 为 your company, SkyPostal has easy integration options that will give you everything you need to ship and track all your customer’s packages, 在几天之内. And best of all, you don’t need to have an IT person on staff to do it.


  • 首页 Delivery with Delivery Confirmation
  • 私人及邮政选择
  • 完全可跟踪的 from Receipt to Delivery
  • 通关
  • 税务管理
  • 保险的选择
  • Collection of Customer ID (as Needed)
  • Ship via Miami Hub or Direct into Country
  • 退货管理
  • 实现服务
  • Personalized Customer Service
  • Integration via API or Simple Web Based Plat为m

电子商务 交付的bet36体育投注 你的业务


The parcel delivery solution 为 companies that want the benefits of real-time tracking and label generation 为 their Latin American volume.

通过 our simple yet robust API integration, orders can be handled seamlessly and customers can have up to date visibility on their package movement, all while having features like shipments management, duties recolection and tracking by any associated number, with all the documentation needed at your fingetips.


The parcel delivery solution 为 companies seeking a simple interface that will allow SkyPostal to handle their Latin American shipments, provide tracking 为 their customers, requiring minimal IT time and resources.

通过 our user-friendly merchant portal, you can stay focused on selling, while we take care of the logistics. Including file and manifest upload 为 automatic label generation, 获取发票, tracking and general shipment in为mation.


Shipping with SkyPostal and Easyship

Combine the power of SkyPostal shipping with Easyship's label generation, 利率计算, and shipping automations 为 domestic and international delivery services. Save time and money when shipping with SkyPostal.

SkyPostal offer the following shipping services to ship internationally from United States to more than 220 countries worldwide.

SkyPostal and Easyship integration

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